PET Protects Taxi and Uber Drivers

Enhancing Driver Safety:

The Crucial Role of PET Devices

There are underlying concerns for the safety and security of hired drivers who pick up strangers from various locations, some of which can be potentially risky.

  • A Greater Vulnerability Outside the Vehicle

    The vulnerability of hired drivers escalates when they step out of their vehicles. Whether assisting passengers with luggage, locating addresses, or simply ensuring a smooth pick-up, these moments can expose drivers to potential threats. When drivers are away from their vehicles and their phones, they can be left defenseless in unexpected and potentially dangerous situations.

  • The Need for Swift and Reliable Assistance

    The rise of ridesharing platforms has introduced innovative technologies that have streamlined the way people move from place to place. However, despite the convenience, safety concerns linger. An essential aspect of ensuring driver safety is the ability to call for help swiftly and reliably in times of distress. Unfortunately, many drivers have faced incidents where they were distracted or attacked without having immediate access to an emergency function on their phones.

Empowering Drivers with PET Devices

To address this critical gap in driver safety, the Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) has emerged as a groundbreaking solution. PET is a compact and wearable device designed to provide immediate access to assistance. By utilizing Bluetooth technology, drivers can easily and covertly call for help within the range of their paired phone. This empowers drivers to summon aid promptly, irrespective of their distance from the vehicle without elevating the situation.

A Revolutionary Step Towards Safety

The concept behind PET is simple yet revolutionary: safeguarding the individuals who work tirelessly to provide transportation services. With the PET device, drivers can have peace of mind knowing that help is just a button press away. Whether facing an unruly passenger, a suspicious situation, or a sudden medical issue, drivers can initiate a distress call without needing to rely solely on their smartphones.

A Safer Future for Hired Drivers

In an era where technology is shaping every facet of our lives, prioritizing safety is paramount. PET devices represent a pivotal step towards creating a safer environment for hired drivers. By bridging the gap between drivers' immediate need for assistance and the capabilities of their smartphones, PET devices are redefining the landscape of driver safety.

Product Features

A simple button press automatically sends multiple emergency notifications with name, personal information and location.

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Automatically sends text and email messages
  • Sends GPS location andupdates
  • Covert alert
  • No finding or fumbling with cell phone and apps
  • Customized app set-up
  • No monthly fees
  • Connected up to 100 feet from smartphone
  • Automated phone call (Android only)
SES Personal Emergency Transmitter Product Features