PET Protects Healthcare and Hospitality Workers

Empowering Healthcare and Hospitality Worker Protection Anywhere

In professions where healthcare and hospitality workers are five times more susceptible to assault than any other, safeguarding them has become a paramount concern. The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) addresses this concern - PET is a rapid-response system that sends emergency notifications in seconds. With a single press of the button, PET notifies your pre-defined list of recipients that there is an emergency and sends them a GPS link to your location so that you can get the quickest response possible.

Revolutionizing Protection for Emergency Response

  • Immediate Notification: The PET system stands out as the fastest emergency notification solution on the market. In under two seconds, it relays the alert to an unlimited number of responders with your GPS location. If you're moving, updated locations will continue to be sent to your recipients.
  • Direct-to-Law Enforcement: For critical situations, PET directly transmits messages to law enforcement, ensuring the quickest possible response time.
  • Simple to set-up and operate: The PET device is credit card-sized and can be worn on a lanyard with other credentials and/or proximity cards. The PET app runs in the background on Android smartphones and iPhones. After the initial set-up, the user doesn't have to interact with the app. No other equipment or IT infrastructure is needed. The button press can be done quickly and covertly - no fumbling with a phone or elevating the situation by making an obvious alert.
  • Management Portal: PET includes access to a web-based portal that allows an administrator to monitor the PET device status and to simplify set-up for the user. The administrator can enter the list of recipients for everyone in the department to keep it consistent and up-to-date. The administrator can also check on the status and battery level of each PET device to make sure they are always active.

Pet Is An Ideal Solution For Compliance With New Laws And Guidance

American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) 5-Star Promise - (#4) Provide U.S. hotel employees with employee safety devices to help them feel safe on the job.

Many cities and states have recently enacted laws requiring panic buttons be supplied to employees - includes New Jersey, parts of New York, California, and Chicago to name a few.

Product Features

A simple button press automatically sends multiple emergency notifications with name, personal information and location.

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Automatically sends text and email messages
  • Sends GPS location andupdates
  • Covert alert
  • No finding or fumbling with cell phone and apps
  • Customized app set-up
  • No monthly fees
  • Connected up to 100 feet from smartphone
  • Automated phone call (Android only)
SES Personal Emergency Transmitter Product Features