Automatic Injury Detection

Save Lives with Automatic Injury Detection™ (AID™)

The patented AID System consists of two sensors (front & back) that are inserted into the wearer’s protective vest. The sensor is a flexible polyester panel with a conductive ink circuit printed on it. A communications module is mounted to each sensor. When the AID sensor is pierced by either a bullet, knife or shrapnel the communications module will detect the break in the circuit and send out a call for help.

AID immediately sends the automated emergency alert through a smartphone, radio or other communication system to all pre-defined recipients.

The automated and instant emergency alert helps save lives. Once hit, an officer or warfighter often needs to fight, flee or becomes incapacitated such that they are unable to get help immediately. AID improves the ability and speed at which they can get medical attention and/or backup help in the fight against the attacker.

Astors 2023 Platinum Award Winner
Homeland Security Award Winner
Sheriff Hank
If we’re not talking officer safety and sending our men and women safely home to their families then we’re not having a conversation I want to have
Sheriff Hank
Partin, Montgomery County, VA

AID Product Features

AID helps save lives by making an automated call for help that requires no user input.

  • Immediately detects a shooting, stabbing or shrapnel piercing event.
  • Automatically sends emergency text message and/or email to many recipients at the same time.
  • Sends GPS location and updates after an attack
  • Everyone receives the emergency within seconds for life-saving purposes and to preventing further attacks
  • Sensors are lightweight, flexible, rugged, and waterproof
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit in existing soft and hard body armor
  • Connects within 100 feet of Android smartphone, iPhone, and Portable Radios.
  • No monthly fees
AID Product Features

AID Firebase Web Portal for Administrators

The AID Web Portal offers several benefits for the department:

  • Easily manage the list of SMS recipients for users
  • Minimizes the amount of set-up for each user
  • Manage and view the list of users with AID
  • View the battery level, status and connectivity update for every AID sensor
  • Use an SMS message service (e.g. Twilio) for sending emergency alerts
AID Firebase Web Portal for Administrators

AID Customer Videos and Anouncements

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