PET Protects Teachers, Admin and Students on Campus

Get Help As Soon As Possible With Just A Press Of A Button

Teachers, administration, and students can add the personal safety of the Personal Safety Transmitter (PET). Whether it's a physical attack, bullying, medical emergency, or an active shooter, a simple press of the PET button automates an immediate call to everyone that can help.

PET can be mounted to a wall and/or conveniently worn by the user on a lanyard along with their ID and access card.

  • Alyssa's law is being rapidly adopted in many states to help protect students and staff. Alyssa's Law requires all public schools to have an emergency panic button installed in each school building. The panic button must be wireless and connected to local law enforcement at all times, allowing for quicker response times should an emergency arise in the school.
  • PET is a reliable and high-quality solution that meets the requirements of Alyssa's Law. PET is very easy to set-up and operate - there is no need for additional IT equipment, staff, or communication infrastructure.
  • Personal Emergency Transmitter, (PET) devices can be assigned to specific rooms as well as worn by staff and students. PET sends an emergency alert with one push of a button. The emergency alert is sent via text message and email through the user’s smartphone and includes GPS location and direction. If the user moves more than 30 feet, the location will update so you have an accurate location. These alerts can go to law enforcement, school resource officers, and others as needed.
  • PET is a low-cost solution with no monthly fees or recurring charges. PET can be deployed in a matter of minutes, not months or years.
We were looking for something for our church to alert teachers and emergency responders in different parts of the building in case there is some type of medical emergency or need to evacuate quickly. This is the ticket. You can program different teams on each Card. All you have to do is push a button on the card and it texts the appropriate people within just a few seconds. They know who set off the alarm and it shows your location. It did not seem to have a problem reaching throughout the building even though the cell phone signal in our building is a bit sketchy. We are planning to purchase more!!!
Michelle M.

Product Features

A simple button press automatically sends multiple emergency notifications with name, personal information and location.

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Automatically sends text and email messages
  • Sends GPS location andupdates
  • Covert alert
  • No finding or fumbling with cell phone and apps
  • Customized app set-up
  • No monthly fees
  • Connected up to 100 feet from smartphone
  • Automated phone call (Android only)
SES Personal Emergency Transmitter Product Features