Probation, Correction & Court Officers + Employees

Protect Vulnerable Officers and Officials

The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) can help protect probation officers as they often work alone and have to visit many past and newly alleged offenders and are often at greater risk due to the location.

Although officers typically carry weapons and wear body armor, many do not carry a radio and must rely on a phone. With a phone, an officer has to access their phone, unlock it and open an app - that may not only elevate the threat but it makes it easy for the offender to knock the phone away. PET solves that problem by allowing the officer to make a covert call for help with a simple press of the button.

With a probation officer responsible for 100 and up to 150 offenders and having to test for drugs or other restricted items/substances/contact/etc. they need the personal safety that PET provides.

According to the American Probation and Parole Association, two-thirds of convicted criminals are under the supervision of a parole or probation officer in the United States. The U.S. Department of Justice reports that between 39 and 55 percent of parole and probation officers have been subject to some level of violence on the job.

Department of Community Supervision
The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) has been a great fit for our Community Supervision personnel.
They have to react quickly to an emergency in their job so a simple method to automatically alert responders is critical. We were able to integrate the emergency notification from the PET app into our communication platform so that all of the right backup personnel get the notification and users location.
CIO, GA Dept of Community Supervision

Product Features

A simple button press automatically sends multiple emergency notifications with name, personal information and location.

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Automatically sends text and email messages
  • Sends GPS location andupdates
  • Covert alert
  • No finding or fumbling with cell phone and apps
  • Customized app set-up
  • No monthly fees
  • Connected up to 100 feet from smartphone
  • Automated phone call (Android only)
SES Personal Emergency Transmitter Product Features