PET Provides Personal Safety

Immediate Help for Medical Emergencies, Personal Attacks, and Accidents

From young to old, the Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET), can provide the personal safety you need. Kids from kindergarten through college on their way to school and even at school can be at risk from others and PET provides a simple call for help so that parents or friends can react immediately. PET is ideal for the safety of lone workers, people on night shifts, hiking, biking, and many other types of individual activities. Seniors and those with disabilities benefit from the ability to simply press the PET button to get help whenever they need it.

  • This silent alert wearable device is an affordable option to outdated alert systems with call buttons or your cell phone that alerts your attacker you’re calling for help. In the case of an emergency, technologies where you fumble with your smartphone or talk to a digital assistant like Amazon Alexa limits your ability to get help. The PET gives you a convenient and cost-effective way to contact friends or family members during an emergency without expensive complex equipment, unending monthly fees, and difficult contracts.
  • The slim design makes it easily wearable, discreet, and simple to conceal. Many people wear the PET on a lanyard around their neck or in a pocket so it’s easily accessible. If you fall and are injured, lost, or are unable to speak, the device sends your exact location to your contact group. Bluetooth technology allows the device to continue to monitor your movements until help arrives. Friends and neighbors are alerted immediately.
  • Although teenagers always have a cell phone with them, in an emergency, an attacker will remove access to a phone right away. The PET provides a discrete way needed line to get assistance quickly with a push of the button by activating the button. The notification shares your teen’s location — even if it changes — and identifies that they are in an emergency.


It works! My mom can stay in her home instead of moving in with us, which how she wants it! A quick push of the button sends family a heads up text and we're on our way to help my diabetic mom.
Natalie L
I bought this for my Dad as a gift. He told me that when he had a stroke, he fell and could not feel his legs to get his phone. Since only his arms/hands could move, I figured this would at least alert family if he ever gets stuck in an emergency. He tested it and works great. It sent out alerts to several of us with a text from PET saying emergency alert and a link to Google maps for his location. It's sensitive so place it where it will not be accidentally pressed. I would recommend this not just for senior citizens but college students, delivery guys, etc etc.
Lisa B
Thanks to whoever created this for simple and effective use. I keep my phone connected in center of home charging and I'm able to work all around my home and property and it's still connected, had my wife watch the phone and it stayed connected and sent test signals from different locations. No subscription needed like all the other rip off products those b***** create to milk you of your money as a disabled person. I keep mine in a little pelican style card holder around my neck. I flip one lever and it pops open and I push the button. Practiced many times.
David S
This thing is brilliantly simple in it's design and functionality. I bought it for myself with my ongoing heart issues and was so impressed with it's performance that I bought another for my wife to have with her on her extended hikes or even long drives. With on two-second button press I know instantly where she is and if she moves even 30 feet the device will continue to send out GPS updates until she clears the emergency in the software. Brilliant and better than any of the other similar devices that charge monthly fees galore. Buy this!

Product Features

A simple button press automatically sends multiple emergency notifications with name, personal information and location.

  • Connects to your smartphone
  • Automatically sends text and email messages
  • Sends GPS location andupdates
  • Covert alert
  • No finding or fumbling with cell phone and apps
  • Customized app set-up
  • No monthly fees
  • Connected up to 100 feet from smartphone
  • Automated phone call (Android only)
SES Personal Emergency Transmitter Product Features