AID Protects Military, Special Forces & Infantry

Automatic Injury Detection (AID) provides warfighter safety, wellness and overmatch, and ensures a more decisive rapid coordinated medical and tactical response with no user input required.

The Automatic Injury Detection (AID) system provides help in seconds when the sensing panel has been pierced by a bullet, knife, or shrapnel. The AID panel sends an automated emergency alert with location to ATAK and the military radio network. The automated emergency alert helps save lives. Once the sensor is penetrated a warfighter often needs to fight, fall back, or they are incapacitated and unable to send a request for immediate help. AID drastically improves response time so the warfighter can get the medical attention and/or the tactical backup they need.

AID makes it far safer to be a warfighter and increases warfighters’ confidence that they will get the fastest medical aid possible. It also eases the family’s mind that their beloved warfighter will return home after service and shows the military cares about them and their individual safety.

Astors 2023 Platinum Award Winner
Homeland Security Award Winner

Features of Automatic Injury Detection (AID)

Saves Lives

AID reduces response time to improve warfighter survival in case of attack

Detects Shooting / Stabbing / Shrapnel

Lightweight penetration sensor reliably detects a piercing event

Automated Call for Help

No user input needed as it may be unable to communicate

Notifies squad leader and command

Ensures that warfighters/medics can react immediately

Sends Precise Location

Responders can navigate directly to the victim without requiring a verbal location

Help As Soon As Possible

Every second counts to provide the victim cover and medical attention

Stop The Attack

Reduced response time mitigates harm and improves tactical reaction.

Improved Situational Awareness and Overmatch

Military deserve every level of protection and battlefield advantage that can be provided.


  • Reduced Injury to treatment time (Golden hour), faster triage and automated field medical card reduced medical errors/missed information, blood type, and injury location on the body as well.
  • Detects shooting/stabbing/shrapnel from IEDs, and indirect and direct fire weapons. Lightweight sensors fit existing soft body armor and all sizes of SAPI plates.
  • Official US ARMY AEWE Assessment (TRL-9) compatible with NETT Warrior and ATAK. Sends mayday message over the military radio network.
  • Deployed with dozens of law enforcement agencies with over a million hours in the field and zero false triggers.
  • Only needs recharging once per year; ran over with HUMVEE and submerged 10 ft for 24 hours.
  • Common Operating Picture for the platoon leader and TOC - situational awareness in seconds from attack.
  • AID integrates with other bio-sensors to provide the most critical aspect of warfighter health.

The AID App Functionality Has Been Integrated Into Nett Warrior and ATAK

Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE)

Successful Testing at Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) by the Maneuver Battle Lab, Ft. Benning

Live fire tests sent immediate injury alerts with location

Passed use case and ruggedness testing for abuse, water and temperature AEWE Technology Assessment link, AEWE videos.


AID was integrated with the ATAK app, new Samsung smartphones and smartwatches. The system was deployed with a MARSOC platoon on a test mission under the direction of Capt. J. McCaffrey