Save Lives with Automatic Injury DetectionTM (AIDTM)

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The patented AID System consists of two sensors (front & back) that are inserted into the wearer’s bullet proof vest. The sensor is a flexible polyester panel with a conductive ink circuit printed on it. A communications module is mounted to each sensor. When the AID sensor is pierced by either a bullet, knife or shrapnel the communications module will detect the break in the circuit and send out a call for help.

The AID sends the automated emergency alert through a smartphone, radio or other communication system. The automated and instant emergency alert helps save lives. Once hit, an officer or warfighter often needs to fight, flee or becomes incapacitated such that they are unable to get help immediately. AID improves the ability and speed at which they can get medical attention and/or backup help in the fight against the attacker. 

AID Sensor: Law Enforcement

AID sensors are available in a variety of sizes – made to fit in existing body armor and worn in the front and back of the vest.

AID Sensor: Military

AID is sized for soft body armor and hard, SAPI plate armor. The AID app functionality has been integrated into Nett Warrior and ATAK.

AID Communication

AID is compatible with Bluetooth-compatible devices including the Android smartphone, iPhone, and Land Mobile Radio. For smartphones, the apps are available in the Google Play Store and Apple App store.

Immediate, Accurate Emergency Notification

Every second counts in a shooting or stabbing attack. AID sends precise information and location immediately to multiple recipients at the same time.

Help As Soon As Possible

Dispatch, backup, command staff, medical – everyone receives the information at the same time so that help gets there as quickly as possible – for life-saving purposes and for preventing further attacks.

The communications module also opens up the mic on the users cell phone (Android only) so you can listen in at the attack scene. The wearer can be totally incapacitated, this is all done automatically.  For privacy, the AID system does not continually track the individual, it only becomes active when the sensor circuit is broken.

AID 1002-1-SSS Single Mode Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Only Communications:

Includes: Sensor circuit panel with integral communications module, cell phone app, and optional administrator web portal.

AID 1002-2-SSS Dual Mode, BLE and Bluetooth Classic Communications:

Includes:  Sensor circuit panel with integral dual mode communications module, cell phone app, and optional administrator web portal. (Older model radios may only support Bluetooth Classic).

Note: Both options look identical to the user. Size and weight are the same, less than 3 oz.

AID is available as a one-time expense with no monthly fees.

Alternatively, AID can be financed for as little at $15 per person per month.


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