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PETTM : Personal Emergency TransmitterTM

The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) improves personal safety by initiating a call for help and sending emergency text messages with just a press of a button. The PET device is a wearable device that is similar in size and appearance to a common proximity card. A press of the button will automatically send emergency alert text messages to up to 30 recipients, with your personal information and a link to your GPS location. The button press can also automatically initiate a phone call (Android only) so that the recipient can listen in at the scene and/or communicate directly.

PET includes an app that is compatible with both Android smartphones and iPhones. The PET device connects to the smartphone over Bluetooth and after the initial pairing process, will automatically reconnect whenever it’s within range of the smartphone.

The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) has been a great fit for our Community Supervision personnel. They have to react quickly to an emergency in their job so a simple method to automatically alert responders is critical. We were able to integrate the emergency notification from the PET app into our communication platform so that all of the right backup personnel get the notification and users location.

CIO, Georgia Department of Community Supervision

PET Advantages

PET improves personal safety in a variety of scenarios when in a panic, under heavy duress, and in a medical emergency.

  • By wearing the PET device, the user can activate the emergency notification quickly and discreetly – there is no fumbling with the phone and attempt to visibly select the right functions.
  • The user can activate an emergency even when their smartphone may not be within reach. For example, the user may leave their smartphone inside a vehicle, pocket or backpack. The PET device will still be able to activate the emergency if the user is within 100 feet of their smartphone.
  • No monitoring service is required. There are no recurring fees and no third-party monitor – the notifications go directly to the phone recipients the user designates.
  • The recipients receive personalized and accurate information. The emergency notification sends the users desired personal data (e.g. name, ID number, etc.) along with the text message.
  • A link to the exact GPS location is sent with the message and is updated if the user moves or if the location accuracy improves. This eliminates the inaccuracy of verbal information that may also be hindered by panic during the emergency.
  • Emergency activations can only be cancelled through the PET app thereby preventing accidental or culprit cancellation.
  • Worldwide operation – only dependent on the users phone and cellular service.
  • Firebase web portal and text service option is available. This allows an administrator to manage the recipient list and Twilio text service – the recipient list and text service credentials are pushed to each PET app within the department. The administrator can also view the connectivity status and battery level of each PET device.

See the PET device demonstrated in these videos below

These and many other frequently asked questions are available in the document link above.

Can I add 911 to my list of emergency recipients?

Yes, PET will send the emergency text notification to 911 but you must be in an area that is covered by text-to-911 service. Most urban areas are covered and 911 centers are adding the capability nearly every week – you can check if your 911 center is on the list available at this site: https://www.fcc.gov/files/text-911-master-psap-registryxlsx

What phones and operating systems are compatible with PET?

PET is compatible with iPhone 6 or higher with iOS 10 or higher and with Android smartphones (e.g. Samsung, Moto, LG, Google, etc.) with Android version 8.0 or higher. Those phones and operating systems support Bluetooth Smart technology (version 4.0 LE). We have a report that PET might not be compatible with HTC phones.

Be sure to clear the emergency after testing the device. If not, you’ll continue to get emergency/updated location messages.

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