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Protect Officers with Automatic Injury Detection

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In an attack, every second counts...

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Stay safe with Personal Emergency Transmitter

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Automatic Injury Detection (AID)

Developed by Select Engineering Services (SES)

AID can help save lives by making an automated call for help when shot or stabbed.

The thin film sensors fit inside the body armor - if the sensor is shot or stabbed, the system immediately notifies staff and dispatch that an officer is under attack.

Automatic Injury Detection (AID)

The patented AID System consists of two sensors (front & back) that are inserted into the wearer’s bullet proof vest. The sensor is a flexible polyester panel with a conductive ink circuit printed on it. A communications module is mounted to each sensor. When the AID sensor is pierced by either a bullet, knife or shrapnel the communications module will detect the break in the circuit and send out a call for help.

The AID sends the automated emergency alert through a smartphone, radio or other communication system. The automated and instant emergency alert helps save lives. Once hit, an officer or warfighter often needs to fight, flee or becomes incapacitated such that they are unable to get help immediately.

Automatic Injury Detection

Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET)

The Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) improves personal safety by initiating a call for help and sending emergency text messages with just a press of a button. The PET device is a wearable device that is similar in size and appearance to a common proximity card. A press of the button will automatically send emergency alert text messages to up to 30 recipients, with your personal information and a link to your GPS location. The button press can also automatically initiate a phone call (Android only) so that the recipient can listen in at the scene and/or communicate directly.

Personal Emergency Transmitter

Enhance your Personal Safety

Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET) sends out a call for help with a simple press of a button on the PET device. No delays or heightened situation caused by unlocking and fumbling with a phone.

Message Text Message Notification

Email Email Notification

Enhance your Personal Safety

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