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The AID System consists of two Sensor circuits (front & back) that are inserted into the wearer’s bullet proof vest. The sensor circuit is a flexible Mylar panel that has a conductive ink circuit printed on it. A communications module is mounted to each panel. When the sensor panel is pierced by either a bullet, knife or shrapnel from an IED the communications module will sense the break in the circuit.

AID Sensor Panel: Law Enforcement

AID Sensor Panel : Military

Nightlock® Alert

Personal Emergency Transmitter (PET)

The communications module also opens up the mic on the users cell phone so you can listen in at the attack scene. The wearer can be totally incapacitated, this is all done automatically.

There are two communications options, single mode, cell phone only and dual mode, cell phone/radio. The single mode, cell phone option only transmits the alert via the users cell phone which sends an SMS message to preprogramed phone numbers and the dispatch center. The dual mode, cell phone/radio option, simultaneously transmits the alert via the user’s cell phone and through the user’s radio which transmits it across the entire radio network.

For privacy, the AID system does not continually track the individual, it only becomes active when the sensor circuit is broken.

AID 1002-1-SSS Single Mode Cell Phone Only Communications:

Includes: Sensor Circuit Panel with integral cell phone communications module and cell phone APP.

AID 1002-2-SSS Dual Mode, Cell Phone/Radio Communications

Includes:  Sensor Circuit Panel with integral dual mode, cell phone/radio communications module and cell phone APP.

Note: Both options look identical to the user. Size and weight are the same, less than 2 oz.

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